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Parallel type

A4 size print

DMS(compact model)

The Optical Data Transmission Device to meet the needs of compactness and lightness. Body size 50x50x20mm is only half of our previous model DM series. Weight 210g is much lighter than before.

Parallel type:DMS(compact model)

DMH-GB/HB(high speed type)

The transmission time is 7ms which is 5 times faster than the normal 8-bit DM series. So it’s possible to transfer and receive more data within limited time.

Parallel type:DMH-GB/DMH-HB(high speed type)

DMH-GC/HC(16 bit, high speed type)

More compact and lighter compare with previous models. With light emission adjuster, the transmission distance can be easily customized.

Parallel type:DMH-GC/DMH-HC(16 bit, high speed type)

DMG(with data logging function)

With the optional device, Data Transfer Checker, you can download the recorded communication data (logging data) when there are troubles such as interlocks. It’s also readable in a computer screen with the software called SFOC.

Parallel type:DMG(with data logging function)

BNC(Data Transfer Checker)

You can confirm the operation quality before or after SEMI E84 communication using the device. With 2 types of application software, you can read the following data in the form of timing chart through a computer:
a) Interlocks simulation before handling materials
b) Optical communication logging data in DMG sensor after handling materials, as a method of solving troubles

Parallel type:BNC(Data Transfer Checker)


Serial type

CWF-01/02(compact, middle distance type)

All necessary features are included within the body size 80x80x40mm. Applications are for controlling starker cranes of automatic warehouse and other overhead cranes which require certain distance.

Serial type:CWF-01/02(compact, middle distance type)

CWF-11/12(compact, long distance type)

Transmission distance is 80m that is the longer version of CWF-01/02. Optical axis can be easily adjusted.

Serial type:CWF-11/12(compact, long distance type)

BWF(long distance type)

Long distance Optical Data Transmission Device with serial interfaces. Sophisticated functions are available even with the compact size and light weight. The long distance transmission is enabled by our own data signal processing technologies.
Transmission speed: up to 19.2kbps
Interface: RS-232C/422 and Current loop/RS-232C etc

Serial type:BWF(long distance type)


Products Compatible with open networks

DMM(CC-Link compatible)

There are compatibilities between:
DMM-GC/HC (16 bit) and DMH-GC/HC
Therefore they can be used together as the communication partners. With detachable connectors, maximum 64 units can be connected to a master unit.

Optical Data Transmission Devices:DMM(CC-Link compatible)

DMC(DeviceNet compatible)

Compatible with DMS-GB/HB-V and DMG-GB/HB, therefore they can be used together as the communication partners. With detachable connectors, maximum 63 units can be connected to a master unit.

Optical Data Transmission Devices:DMC(DeviceNet compatible)

BWF-17/27(CC-Link compatible)

Maximum 112 points, 16 words can be transmitted. Maximum 42 units can be connected to a master unit.

Optical Data Transmission Devices:BWF-17/27(CC-Link compatible)


100Mbps optical repeater which can directly connet to the Ethernet line.Setting of MAC address or IP is not required and it can be used as LAN cables.Non-contact transmission is available for up to 100m between moving devices.

Serial type:EWF-E


Serial/Parallel data converter


Convert serial data to parallel format or the reverse
Transfer a large number of signals with a few wires
Wireless transmission can be sassily done with our Optical Data Transmission Devices.
Transmission speed is faster compare with the previous model.

Serial/Parallel data converter:ISP-A1C


Optical Remote Controller

BRS(optical remote controller for general industries, 15-point type)

Compare with the traditional model, this new series is much smaller and thinner. Backlight in the screen makes it easy to see. Lifetime is improved by suing the sheet switch in the key board.

Optical Remote Controller:BRS(optical remote controller for general industries, 15-point type)

BRC-G(optical remote controller for general industries)

4-point and 12-point type are available
Meet the industrial needs with its high reliability

Optical Remote Controller:BRC-G(optical remote controller for general industries)