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Electronic counter

A4 size print

DC-JB/JC(48x48mm LCD)

Easy to operate and monitor
Full functions with DIN48 size
Input mode: increment-decrement independent, phase-difference, increment, decrement, increment-decrement command
Output mode: self-holding, one-shot, agree, comparing, standard, batch, prediction, digit-up

Electronic counter:DC-JB/JC(48x48mm LCD)

DC-JM(48x48mm LCD)

Equivalent of 12 counters connected in the parallel form
Output: 1 output (12 OR output)
Can be used as a total counter when the preset value is 0

Electronic counter:DC-JM(48x48mm LCD)

DC-JA(LCD, total counter)

7-digit electronic counter
Front size: 24x48mm
White LCD indication

Electronic counter:DC-JA(LCD, total counter)

DC-M(LED, DIN size)

Apart from functions, easy-to-use DIN size is also emphasized.
With 15mm height of LED indication and bigger digital switches, the counter is easy to operate.

Electronic counter:DC-M(LED, DIN size)