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Company Profile

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Company Profile

Company name



Ozaki Hitoshi

Head office

Osaka HU Building, 2-2-5 Tokiwamachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 540-0028 Japan


Apr. 8, 1946


50 million Yen



Product and Service

  • Counter
    Electronic counter・Electromagnetic counter・Revolution type counter
  • Sensor
    Photoelectric sensor・Laser sensor・Microwave sensor・Ultrasonic sensor
  • Optical Data Transmission Devices
    Infrared Data Transmission Devices・Wiring-reduced Optical Data Transmission Devices・Optical Remote Controller
  • Laser product
    Laser distance measurement device
  • Measurement device
    CCD applied shape measurer・CCD applied displacement sensor・CCD applied image sensor
  • Obstacle detection sensor
    AGV obstacle detection sensor・Close crane warning device・Next generation robotics sensor
  • Automatic door
    Automatic door driving device and sensor
  • Parking system
    Parking system

Company Policy

Hokuyo always keeps up with the newest changes of social standards and sense of values.
We consistently maintain a unique, solid management to best assure customers’ satisfaction and our company’s development.


<Quality policy>

We declare our quality policy as the following statement:

“In order to supply products with the best function and quality, we are always carrying out the research and development and creating our original technologies. The quality management system should be built up based on the global standards. While taking the social responsibilities, we aim for the permanent development of the company and all related parties”.

We have constructed a quality management system conformable with ISO9001 in 1997 and upgraded to “ISO9001:2000” in 2002.

<Hokuyo’s actions on quality>


As we stated in the policy description, In order to supply products with the best function and quality, Hokuyo obtained the international standard certification ISO9001. We are making efforts to continuously improve the quality system to satisfy our customers by supplying better products with the stable quality.


As an enterprise, we fully take our social responsibilities to meet the laws, regulations and consider the environment effects when developing products.


<Environment polity>

Idea for environment: “while we are doing our social contribution through supplying automation controlling devices and automatic doors, we are trying to harmonize with the earth’s environment. As an enterprise, Hokuyo will always do it’s best to be trusted by the local societies, customers, employees and other concerned communities”.
Based on this idea, we constructed the environment management system in conformity with ISO14001 and obtained the certification successfully in March, 2004.

Our policies are:


To as possible as objectively be aware of the environmental effects from all our operations. A clear purpose and goal of improvement should be set for all environmental activities.


To construct an environment management system, continuously maintain and improve the system, and endeavor to prevent possible pollutions.


To observe the laws and agreements about environment, follow the independent standards of communities and industries, cooperate with or join the environment prevention activities held by the national government or local societies.


To promote the environment policies, we set up the purpose and goal of improvement every fiscal year in the company level and each department level. The policy will be reviewed depends on the evaluation result.


To assure the enforcement of the environment policies, we make every employee understand it and inform all the outsourcing companies that need their close cooperation. Additionally we publish the details in our company broacher and web site.

<Hokuyo’s actions on environment>


We care about our customers and the earth’s environment when supplying products, so we obtained the international environment management system ISO14001. We are continuously improving the system and aiming for a company which considers the environment problem


As an enterprise, we are carrying out the major project such as lead-free project, RoHS compliance and Green Procurement. Please contact our sales department or send a message through our web site if you have any questions about RoHS complied products.

<Lead-free solder>

Lead-free is the one the main environmental topics the recent years.
Solder must be used in the manufacture of electric and electronic machines. The major material of solder was lead. It is found that lead from the industrial waste melt in soil and flow into underground waters. Because lead is very hazardous to people’s health, so a proper strategy to protect people from lead is urgently needed.
Hokuyo is successively shifting to lead-free to reduce the environmental burdens.

<Actions on compliance with RoHS directive>

Automation control devices don’t necessarily comply with RoHS directive (Oct. 2006). To meet customer’s requests, we are successively changing our products from Non-RoHS to RoHS.

<Green Procurement>

The concept of Green Procurement:

- Investigating the composition elements of the parts used for Hokuyo products.
- Investigating the content of regulated elements.
- Setting up a guide line to control or prohibit concerned elements.

International standards certifications

ISO9001 JQA-1742


Quality management system ISO9001, obtained in May 1997
(Entrance Department was certified with JQA-QMA13642.)

ISO14001 JQA-EM3873


Environment management system ISO14001, obtained in March 2004
(Only for head office, Toyonaka factory, Osaka Branch and Entrance Department)