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Electronic counter

A4 size print


Total counter

Easy to see!


  • White LCD display(LED back-light)
  • 7 digits(7-segment, zero-suppress), reset display, overflow display(8th digit can be displayed)
  • Reset key-lock provides
  • It is easy to change reset key-lock and counting speed with slide switch under the counter)



Addition type total counter

Model No.




Power source

100 to 240VAC(50/60Hz)

12 to 24VDC(Ripple 20% or less)

Fluctuation range

85 to 250VAC

12 to 24VDC±10%

Power consumption

1.2VA(when 240VAC)

0.7W(when 24VDC)

Number of digit

7 digits(8 digits with overflow display)

Front size



7-segment LCD(LED back-light)

7-segment reflective LCD

height 9mm, width 2.95mm

Memory function

EEP-ROM(Re-writing 0.1 million times or more)

Counting speed

30Hz/1kHz changeover,
30Hz : contact, transistor, min. signal width 16.7msec(make ratio 1:1)
1kHz : Transistor, min. signal width 0.5msec(make ratio 1:1)

Input signal

Contact or open-collector
Impedance when ON(short-circuited): 1k ohm or less
Impedance when OFF(opened): 100k ohm or more
Flowing current when short-circuit: approx. 4mA

Contact or open-collector
Impedance when ON(shortcircuit): 10k ohm or less
Impedance when OFF(opened): 1M ohm or more
Allowable residue voltage when ON: 0.5V or less
Flowing current when short-circuit: approx. 4µA

Ambient temperature/humidity

-10 to +50 degrees C(-25 to +55 degrees Cwhen stored), 35 to 85%RH

Insulation resistance

100MΩ or more(500VDC megger) between conducting terminal and uncovered non-charged metal

Withstand voltage

2000VAC/min. between conducting terminal and uncovered non-charged metal

Noise resistance

Square-wave noise by noise simulator(Rising 1nsec, width 1µsec)
Common mode 2kV

Vibration resistance

Double amplitude 4mm, 16.7Hz (Malfunction : Double amplitude 0.5mm, 10 to 55Hz), each 1 hour in X, Y and Z direction

Impact resistance

294m/s2( Malfunction : 98m/s2) each 3 time in X, Y and Z direction

Starting time when Power-ON

2sec or less

Protective structure

IP66(Only front panel : must be using rubber packing)

Case material



Approx. 70g

Approx. 60g


Mounting hook, rubber packings

External dimension



·Panel-cut dimension


DC-JA7-AW(AC power)

DC-JA7-DW(DC power)

DC-JA7-V(battery type)



* Use the solderless terminal for M3.
* Use 2-core shield wire or metal wire tube and make it as short as possible. Don't make parallel wiring with power cable or high voltage cable etc.
* Counting input can't be accepted for 2sec after putting power source in.

Input circuit




* Each input circuit of DC-JA series is common use for contact and transistor. Flow current from the counter is approx. 4mA. Use the relay for little current in case of contact input.