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Regarding Links

The terms for Inbound Links are as follows:

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    Link with hypertext
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    Link with ImageHOKUYO
    <a href="https://www.hokuyo-aut.jp" target="_blank" title="HOKUYO">
      <img src="https://www.hokuyo-aut.jp/assets/attachment/hokuyo.jpg" alt="HOKUYO" />
    The image for the Link is only used in the above description, therefore any size alteration is strictly prohibited. The above Link Image is only used for linking on the top page of Hokuyo’s Website. Any and all utilization for other purposes is prohibited.
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    • Links from the websites in which contain expressions such as slander against the Hokuyo’s products and services or impairment of reliability to Hokuyo; and

    • Links which cannot be definitely identified as the Hokuyo’s Website, for example, Links using frames

Regarding Outbound Links, Hokuyo does not guarantee contents appearing in linked websites, and doesn't take any responsibility for them in no event.
Please use them in accordance with the terms of linked websites. Furthermore, as to the Outbound Links, Hokuyo recommends neither the use of these websites nor products appearing on those websites. And, the Outbound Links do not necessarily mean there is an affiliation with Hokuyo.