Privacy Policy

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd. (“Hokuyo”) handles personal information (particularly when a specific person is identifiable by their name, birth date and other descriptions) acquired and yet to be acquired in an appropriate manner pursuant to the philosophy of the Personal Information Protection Act.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Hokuyo acquires personal information with consent in advance from the person of whom such personal information originates, except for the cases when the purposes of utilization are publicized or when there are good reasons

  • Hokuyo makes an effort for personal information acquired to be kept accurate and updated.

  • Hokuyo develops a management structure for personal information protection and attempts to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss or damage of such data.

  • Hokuyo tries to thoroughly comply with our rules on the handling of personal information by disseminating the same to only those people concerned.

  • Hokuyo does not disclose nor provide personal information to any third party except for in cases when the person whose information is held by us (“Person”) consents to the disclosure in advance or when there are good reasons for it.

  • If Hokuyo receives a request for the purposes of notice of use, disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of the personal information from the Person, we pledge to respond to it in good faith.

  • Hokuyo complies with the legislation and standards which apply to personal information, and always strives to improve and strengthen personal information protection on a continuous basis.

Name of Entity Handling Personal Information

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.

Publication of Utilization Purposes

  • Hokuyo utilizes personal information of our customers for the following purposes: When Hokuyo uses it beyond the range necessary for performance of these purposes, we will notify the Person of the same in advance.

    • To provide or sell Hokuyo’s products and services;

    • To inform Hokuyo’s products and services;

    • To purchase or receive products and/or services from our business partners;

    • To request for information on products and services of our business partners; and

    • To communicate other business matters.

  • When requesting for provision of your personal information for purposes other than the above, we will notify you of the purpose in advance.

Request for Disclosure by the Person

Contact for Request

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd.International Sales Department

  • Hokuyo reserves the right to not accept the request for disclosure unless in cases where there are good reasons for it.

  • In this case, Hokuyo will notify the Person of the decision made and the reason for non-disclosure by return email.