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We strive to be the best partner with our customers throughout the world

Who we are

HOKUYO, founded in Osaka, Japan in 1946, developed and continues to offer some of the original automation technology with products such as counters, photoelectric sensors and Automatic doors for a wide range of factory automation systems and various production processes.
For many years we have been developing several types of products for factory automation that include high-accuracy CCD sensors and optical data transmission devices and maintain an outstanding reputation for our creativity and performance with customers.

HOKUYO products are integrated into many industrial sectors such as textiles, electric wire, iron & steel, transportation systems, mounting machines, semiconductor and LCD facilities. They have contributed to the growth and development of these industries.

With the fast-paced changes in information technology, industrial globalization and despite the environmental and safety uncertainties we face in the world today, Hokuyo will adapt and continue to thrive as a leader and continue to pursue its growth with great efficiency.

As a pioneer of automation technology, Hokuyo will be sensitive and proactive to the needs of customers and pursue the challenges ahead to offer the best product solutions in the future.

Hokuyo looks forward to your continued business in the future.

Our Policy

Before the word “automation” became well-known, we began dealing with automatic control, satisfying our customer's needs and producing original products that helped many industrial fields.

Our basic policy is to always comply with social standards and changing values, consistently develop a steady and distinctive management upon our foundation of self-improvement, fulfill the satisfaction of our customers, and continue growing as a company.

Corporate Profile

President Hitoshi Ozaki
Head office Higobashi Union Building, 1-9-6 Edobori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi,
Osaka 550-0002 Japan
Establishment April 8, 1946
Capital 50 million JPY
Employees 175

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Global Sales Network

Head Office for Global Network of Operation

International Sales Department

Higobashi Union Building, 1-9-6 Edobori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0002 Japan
TEL : +81-6-6441-2239 FAX : +81-6-6441-2204 E-mail : info@hokuyo-aut.jp

We have our worldwide distributions network, we guide you to our partner in your region and please feel free to contact us.

Overseas Office (for Korean market)


104-211, 397 Seokcheon-Ro, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon-City, Korea
TEL : +82-32-624-3194 FAX : +82-32-624-3196 E-mail : hokuyokorea@naver.com

Overseas Office (for North American market)

Hokuyo Automatic USA Corporation

2019 Van Buren Ave., Suite A, Indian Trail, NC 28079 U.S.A.
TEL : +1-704-882-3844 FAX : +1-704-628-0582 E-mail : info@hokuyo-usa.com

Overseas Branch (for Technical support and Marketing in European market)

Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd. Amsterdam Branch

Prof. J. H. Bavincklaan 2, 1183 AT Amstelveen, The Netherlands
TEL:+31-20-240-0110  E-mail:info@hokuyo-aut.jp


Auto Counters
Electronic type・Electromagnetic type・Shaft-driven type
Photoelectric switch・Laser type・Microwave type・Ultrasonic type・Laser Distance Sensor
Optical Data Transmission Devices
Serial type・Parallel type・Optical Remote Controller
Obstacle Detection Sensors
For AGV・For Robotics・Close Crane Warning Device
Automatic door
Automatic Door Driving System and Sensor

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Quality policy

We declare our quality policy that “In order to supply products with the best function and quality, we are continuing to implement research and development and will create original technologies. The quality management system should be built up based on the global standards. While taking the social responsibilities, we aim for the permanent development of the company and all related parties”.

We have created a quality management system confirming with ISO9010 in 1997 and upgraded to ”ISO9001:2000” in 2002.

Quality Management Efforts
  • As we stated in the policy description, In order to supply products with the best function and quality, Hokuyo obtained the international standard certification ISO9001. We are making efforts to continuously improve the quality system to satisfy our customers by supplying superior products with dependable quality.
  • As an enterprise, we fully maintain our social responsibilities to comply with the laws, regulations and consider the environmental effects when developing products.

Environment Efforts

  • Hokuyo intends to get ISO14001 of the international environmental management system and aims to become an eco-friendly corporation through the continuous system improvement, so that we can provide customers with earth-conscious products.
  • Hokuyo works toward realization of the energy saving society through the customers using our products by development of eco-friendly products and initiatives of automatic control systems.
    【Examples of Energy Saving by Using Our Products】

    ・Head-count and mobility measurement by the scanning range finder (SOKUIKI sensor)

    image The SOKUIKI sensor can control air conditioning and lighting as well as the opening and closing of doors at necessary times by obtaining information in advance such as the number and direction of movement of people within the set area.

    ・Factory Automation

    image Factory automation makes it possible to realize the shortening of hours, energy savings through efficiency in the process and a decrease of CO2 emissions.
    In addition, a reduction of human errors through automation leads to yield improvement and a lower level of defectiveness, thus making it possible to eliminate waste of resources and energy.

    ・Automation in Our Daily Life

    image Automation in our society has accelerated progressively, as seen in life-assistance type of robots used for shopping attendance and life support as well as in automated homes and commercial facilities. In such an automated society, Hokuyo contributes to the environmental improvement in the area of “Optics” of each automated device.

  • Hokuyo promotes lead-free solders in response to the Directive on RoHS and green procurement in order to realize earth-conscious products as a corporation.
    【Lead-free Solders】

    Solders are absolutely necessary for manufacturing electronics and electric devices and most of them have contained lead until recently. These days, however, it is necessary for countermeasures against lead to be argued for including lead-free solders, because lead contained in waste seeps into the ground and flows into the underground water, which may have an adverse affect on the human body. Hokuyo reduces environmental burdens by accelerating the use of lead-free solders.

    【Response to the RoHS Directive】

    Control instruments are not regulated by the RoHS Directive (as of October, 2006), however, Hokuyo is moving toward adaptation to the RoHS Directive continuously in order to satisfy customers’ requirements. For the products adapted to the RoHS Directive, please contact our sales representatives or the direct contact at Hokuyo’s website.

    【Green Procurement】

    Hokuyo’s green procurement means investigating the constituents of components in our products and content of regulated substances along with prohibiting and managing the object substances based on the guidelines formulated.

  • Hokuyo aims to make our workplace an energy-saving factory.
    We reduced power usage through more efficient air conditioning units and by covering the roof of the production building with a moss greening unit and light-blocking sheet.

    To suppliers from which Hokuyo purchases components

    For the purpose of reducing environmental burdens, acceptance of our customers’ requests and compliance with the legislation, Hokuyo investigates the content of the materials regulated and substances controlled by Hokuyo for our purchased articles. Basically, Hokuyo uses JAMP AIS Ver4.0 set forth by the Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium as the form for investigation. When the in-charge staff contacts you, please cooperate in answering to the investigation.

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International Organization for Standardization


ISO9001 / JQA-1742Quality management system ISO9001, obtained in May 1997
(Entrance Department was certified with JQA-QMA13642.)


ISO14001 JQA-EM3873Obtained International Standard “ISO14001” for Environment Management System in March 2004.
(Limited to Head Office, Toyonaka Factory, Osaka Sales Office and Entrance Division)

Company History

1946 HOKUYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. founded at 8 Banchi, Eiraku-cho, Kiata-ku, Osaka City with JPY 180,000 in capital with 10 employees. Began sales of electronics, mainly automatic control devices.
1948 Increase in capital to JPY 1 million.
1949 Changed corporate name from HOKUYO INDUSTRY CO., LTD to HOKUYO AUTOMATIC CO., LTD.
1951 Set up Juso factory in Higashi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka city.
Began to produce a cshion starter and counter.
1954 First photoelectric sensor completed. Delivered to Daiwabo Co., Ltd.
Prototype of an electric Automatic door completed.
1955 Set up Tokyo office. Began to produce an air type reset counter.
1956 Began to sell Automatic doors.
1957 Developed a timer and counter-timer.
1958 Beginning with digital counters, developed products such as micro timers, sequence timers, and printing counters. Developed an automatic reset counter by motor.
1959 Set up Nagoya office. Increase in capital to JPY 10 million.
Began to sell micro timers.
1961 Increase in capital to JPY 20 million.
1963 Increase in capital to JPY 50 million. Developed a 3-shift counter and hot metal detector.
1964 Mover Head Office to Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka city.
Began company-wide total quality management.
1965 Set up Kyushu office.
1967 Set up Mikuni factory in Niitaka, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka city.
1970 Began to sell electronic counters.
1972 Began to sell a microwave sensor.
1974 Began to sell a laser sensor.
1977 Set up Shizuoka office. Began to sell an ultraviolet sensor.
1979 Demands for microcomputer equipped devices increase. Continuous development of system devices. Developed compact photoelectric sensors, optical data trancemission devices, and pattern inspection devices.
1980 Began to sell a fiber type sensor and elctronic counter with nonvolatile memory.
1981 Began to sell a 10 micron type optical contour measuring sensor.
1982 Began to sell a fiber type sensor with 2-beam and area sensor.
1984 Began to sell a LCD type electronic counter, optical character reading sensor and 1 micron type optical contour measuring sensor.
1987 Began to sell a proximity sensor.
1988 Began to sell an optical remote controller.
1994 Began to sell an electronic counter with communicating function.
1995 Began to sell an image-recognition sensor.
1996 Began to sell an automatic tuning type fiber sensor.
1997 Released an image sensor displacement gauge, LED linear length measuring sensor and optical distance sensor.
Obtained international standard ISO9001.
2001 Began to sell an obstacle detection sensor.
2004 Obtained international standard IDO14001. Began to sell a laser range finder.
2005 Numerous laser range finders get equipped in robots of Expo 2005 Aichi Japan.
2006 Laser range finder awarded 2006 This Year's Robot Awards award for excellence.
2007 Selected as one of best 300 companies in small-medium companies.
Participated Tsukuba Challenge (Real World Robot Challenge).
2008 Moved Head Office to Tokiwamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city.
2009 Laser range finder awarded 2008 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award-Technolory.
2010 Subsidiary Company in South Korea, HOKUYO KOREA CO., LTD. established.
2011 Toyonaka Factory established in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
2016 Aquired all of the outstanding shares of its long-term distributor Sentek Solutions, Inc. and changed the name to Hokuyo Automatic USA Corporation as wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, started the operation.
Established Amsterdam office as a branch of International Sales Department.
2018 Moved Head Office to Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka city.

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