How to Use
How to UseScanning Range Finder

Turn on the LiDAR

Preparation (DC power supply)

Since the LiDAR is a DC power supply specification, it will break down if it is directly connected to an outlet. Prepare a DC power supply such as a switching power supply, AC-DC converter, or AC adapter.

Preparation (wiring)

The LiDAR is delivered with our inspection connector attached. This connector cannot be used as an extension connector. Please cut it off if necessary and attach any connector.

Turn on the power

The DC power supply has a polarity unlike the AC power supply. Confirm "+" and "-" carefully, and then turn on the power after connecting to the DC power supply.

Start confirmation

The LiDAR is equipped with a power indicator. You can check whether the sensor has been activated correctly by the behavior of the indicator light. The behavior of the indicator light is depending on the sensor.