Safety measures with LiDAR at construction sites

Construction sites are too dangerous

There are many dangers and disasters occur frequently at construction sites.
Nowadays, the importance of measures by machines has been increasing rather than relying on humans.
We explain the measures using the sensor in below.

Blind spot of heavy equipment

The blind spots of heavy machinery are larger than expected, but the workers around often think that they are visible from the operator.
Even if there is a back monitor, the operator is often focused on their work and does not notice the existence of surrounding workers.

Education alone

Safety education and risk prediction activities are still the main disaster countermeasures.
However, there is a limit to the ability of people to concentrate, and it is extremely difficult to focus on the work and get the attention to the surroundings.
Therefore, human error may be unavoidable.

Nowadays, measures by machines themselves are required instead of relying on humans.

Detect danger with LiDAR

Detect dangers at construction sites by monitoring the blind spots of heavy machinery and work areas with LiDAR.

What kind of LiDAR is used

LiDAR is a sensor that measures the position of an object while scanning the surroundings with a laser.
The LiDAR introduced this time is a LiDAR called area setting type that detects that there is an object in the set area range. The area can be set freely, and it is characterized by high accuracy because it is measured by a laser. Therefore, compared to radar and camera recognition, it is an effective measure at construction sites in a complicated environment or in a narrow range.

* Please consider using it after conducting a sufficient risk assessment.


We introduced measures using LiDAR for the danger of construction sites. The importance of measures by machines themselves has been increasing rather than relying on humans.
How about considering measures with LiDAR now?

Recommended LiDAR

・Outdoor laser scanner (LiDAR) with a range 40m and 270°