How to detect a spark of factory fire (duct fire) with sensors

When a factory fire breaks out

When a fire breaks out, not only the products or factories but also everyone is in danger, and serious damage might be caused. It also affects the relationships or trust with business partners and after a disaster the employee motivation will be down.
Even though you already made effort to comply with fire regulations, in order to make the factory even better, it is necessary to take measures to go a step further.

Fire in the duct is hard to find

Generally it is difficult to notice the fire in the ducts.
Dust collection ducts and transport ducts have the risk of igniting combustibles from ignition sources such as static electricity and spark attraction in the ducts, and sparks generated by contact with the ducts such as metal pieces and pebbles, so it is important to monitor.
However, it is difficult to inspect it on daily basis because the duct is physically too small for people to enter, and located in a high place.

About ignition detection device

There are various types of ignition detection devices, but this time we will explain the spark catcher that detects sparks in the duct. A high-sensitivity sensor is installed in the duct to detect sparks, and by electrically controlling alarms and machine stops, it is possible to respond quickly to fires.

High sensitivity and detect small sparks

Spark catcher is a sensor that detects infrared rays generated from sparks.
It is possible to quickly detect a slight incense stick about 1.5 m away with high sensitivity.

Faster detection than other methods

Since the spark catcher is a method that detects infrared rays, it can be detected fastest compared to other methods.


The spark catcher quickly detects sparks generated in the duct.
It is effective to protect important factories and everyone by reducing the risk of fire.
* Spark catcher is not a disaster prevention device stipulated by various laws and regulations.
Also, not all fires can be detected.