Explanation of software control commands for LiDAR

Explanation of control commands

We explain in here the meaning of the control commands that are often used for the data output type sensor.

BM command

This command emits a laser and starts measurement.
If you use the distance measurement command GD, you must use this command to keep the laser on. (With the MD command, which is the same distance measurement command, the laser is automatically turned on at the start of measurement, so there is no need to send the BM command.)

GD command

This is a command to get the latest distance data once.
When acquiring data with this command, it is necessary to start laser emission and distance measurement for all steps in advance with the BM command.

MD command

This command acquires distance data for the specified number of times. If the specified number of times is set to "00", data will be acquired unlimited times. Also, since the laser automatically turns on when measurement starts, there is no need to send BM command.

QT command

This command turns off the laser and stops measurement.
It stops continuous distance measurement by the MD command.

II command

This command checks the sensor status.
It returns an error number in case of failure.

VV command

This command is to know the product information of the sensor.
You can get the serial number and version information of the sensor.


In addition to the commands mentioned in above, there are commands that can acquire the received light level and commands that can acquire multi-echoes.
For details, please check the communication specifications that can be downloaded from each product page

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