LiDAR as eyes of AMR (Robot)

In recent years, the development of robots has changed from radio-controlled models operated by humans to independent robots operated autonomously using AI technology and programming, as seen in movies and animations. LiDAR technology has been attracting attention, which is called“eyes” of robots.

Recent autonomous robots

There is technology called Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which is currently being developed and introduced all over the world. In Japanese, it is also called "self-running robot", and it is a field where many IT companies, automobile companies, and venture companies are entering one after another.

Of course, not only in Japan, but also in China and the United States, it is said that more than 100 companies are newly entering this field every year. In Japan, the AMR competition called "Tsukuba Challenge" is held every year, and it can be said that Japan is also one of the countries that actively puts effort into technological development and training of engineers.

The reason why countries are focusing on AMRs is there is a large market there. In the logistics industry, the e-commerce market such as mail order and online sales is growing rapidly, and in the manufacturing industry, the semiconductor industry is revitalized due to the growth in IT demand.

About AMR

AMR technology is becoming a part of daily life.
For example, there are automatic cleaning robots in shopping malls, serving robots in restaurants, and service robots delivering amenity goods in hotels. AMR that operates day and night needs "eyes" , the LiDAR technology that is currently attracting attention.

AI technology and software technology as the brains of robots, are evolving day by day, and the "eyes" that recognize the surroundings is indispensable for autonomous driving technology.

Role of LiDAR

Range sensors, commonly known as LiDAR, have been on the market since 2005 as "eyes" of robots, and have been installed in many robots and AMRs. Unlike cameras, it has the great advantage of being able to recognize the surroundings even in the dark.

LiDAR technology is being used not only around robots, but also in various other fields. For example, they are incorporated into self-driving car technology, mounted on drones, monitor entry into premises and dangerous areas, and increasingly installed in indoor-to-outdoor.