Sensor required for Self-made AGV

Sensor required for Self-made AGV

When making your own AGV, you may need various sensors to install depending on purposes.
We explain here what kind of sensor will be needed.

Communication between AGV and the station

Optical data transmission device is installed in both AGV and the station to exchange signals during transfer.

Recommended communication device

Optical data transmission device / DMS-G/H series

8BIT, 4BIT parallel I/O interface transmission device.
Wireless communication with moving objects such as AGV is possible using light. It complies with the semiconductor manufacturing equipment standard SEMI E84.

Collision prevention by detecting obstacles in the traveling direction of the AGV

Sensor is required to detect obstacles in the traveling direction of AGV.
The sensor should be able to create the detection area flexibly and switch the area pattern according to the passage and moving direction.
You need to select sensor model depending on whether safety category is required or not.

Recommended obstacle detection sensor


It detects objects at distance 5m and range 270° with flexible area setting.
Compact and lightweight, it can be used to detect obstacles in AGV, and to detect intrusion into robots and machines, making factories and logistics more efficient and improving operating rates.
It is also for replacing light curtains and mat switches.

Recommended obstacle detection sensor (with safety category)

Safety LiDAR / UAM-05LP-T301

UAM has 5m protection area and 270° range with flexible area settings. It is compact, high functionality, and ease of use. It is possible to improve the efficiency of factories and logistics and improve the operating rate through safety measures for AGV, robots, and machines. It can be a replacement of protective fences, light curtains and mat switches.
UAM is Safety standard certified product.