How to Use
How to UseOptical Data Transmission Device

The explanation of serial type operation

Explanation of connections

The connection method will be explained with the case where BWF-11A/11B is used for the stacker crane as an example. If BWF-11A is attached to the ground side, BWF-11B will be placed on the crane side. There is no problem if you attach A / B in reverse, but be sure to use them as a pair. When you are using a serial type optical data transmission device, select the same interface of the model as the computer or PLC to be connected to the serial input / output interface.

RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485, 20mA current loop, etc. are used for the interface. Here, RS-232C is taken as an example for explanation. RS-232C is a standard input / output terminal attached to every device. For drift-through transmission, only three terminals are used: SD (transmitted data), RD (received data), and SG (0V).

On the data transmission side, the terminal names are matched to those of the personal computer, so connect the SD and RD of the personal computer to the SD and RD terminals of the data transmission side.

When using the CD (Career Detect) terminal for data transmission, connect to RS (Request of Sending). On the personal computer side, communication is started after confirming that RS is ON, that is, the CD for data transmission is ON (data transmission is within the transmission area and transmission is possible).

* 0V of circuit GND. Do not share with 0V power supply.

Description of operation sequence

In the case of a stacker crane, the optical data transmission device is constantly in the transmission area because it moves linearly on the rails. Therefore, the CD signal is used for the device error signal. Communication is full-duplex communication, so communication is possible at any time.

In the case of an automatic guided vehicle, the data transmission will be out of the communication area, so please constantly check the communication availability with the CD signal.

In addition, an uncertain noise signal is generated in the RD signal at the boundary point of the communication area, so use the software on the computer to ignore it.