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How to UsePhotoelectric Switch / Laser Sensor

About the minimum detection size of the photoelectric sensor

Thru-beam type

The minimum detection object width in a thru-beam type photoelectric sensor using a lens is basically the same as the lens aperture of the receiver.

In order for the thru-beam type photoelectric sensor to operate, it is necessary to completely block the light entering the receiver.

Generally, a photoelectric sensor with a longer distance uses a lens with a larger aperture, and it becomes longer the distance as it becomes larger the minimum detection object width.

In the optical fiber type, the tip diameter of the optical fiber is the minimum detected object diameter.

Reflector reflection type

The minimum detected object diameter in the thru-beam type photoelectric

sensor is almost the same as the lens diameter, while in the reflector reflection type, it is almost the same as the effective diameter of the reflector.

When using the reflector reflection type, if you want that the minimum detection object diameter becomes smaller, make the reflectors size smaller.
Note that in this case, the rated detection distance will be shorter.