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How to UsePhotoelectric Switch / Laser Sensor

Optical axis adjustment method for photoelectric sensor

Thru-beam type

Optical axis adjustment is required to use a general thru-beam type photoelectric sensor for a stable operation.

[Procedure for adjusting the optical axis]
1) Place the projector and receiver facing each other and align them by seeing.
2) Next, move the receiver up and down, left and right, and check the operation indicator and find a stability detection level. For the model with the light receiving LED, checking the blinking state and fix the position.
3) Next, perform the same operation as above to find the center of the projector and fix it.
4) Finally, block the optical axis with your hand and check the operation.

Reflector reflection type

The reflector reflection type has an integrated projector and receiver and uses a reflector, so it is very easy to adjust the optical axis. Since the reflector reflects light incidentally within the range of ± 15 ° to 20 ° with respect to the vertical line, the accuracy for the mounting angle is not required, and rough settings can be made.