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How to UseSensor for Iron and Steel Industry

About mutual interference

About a mutual interference

A mutual interference is a state in which adjacent detectors are affected by each others light (microwaves) and their output becomes unstable.

The iteams below are the interference prevention countermeasure products.

Ensuring a distance that does not interfere with each other

Install at least 1.5 times of the distance that does not interfere with the translation characteristic data (spreading of the light beam at the detection distance).

Sensitivity adjustment

It can be improved by adjusting the sensitivity to a small value, but it is necessary to pay attention to the margin of the amount of received light depending on the environment.

Use a Sync Signal (CMD)

For devices that have a synchronization terminal (excluding LA-FDS), a mutual interference does not occur even if they are closely installed by synchronous wiring between the transmitter and receiver.

■ Target model
LAV series
PHV series

Power supply synchronization method (cranes approaching alarm device)

The commercial power supply is divided into 6 parts (6 x 60 °). The phase of synchronization is performed by the changeover switch of the device. When using this machine, combine the transmission phase and reception phase with the other crane. No synchronous wiring between devices is required.

It cannot be used for cranes equipped with a power generator, etc., so please use a different model or one that does not have a power supply system.

■ Target model


Use of a different frequency products

Pay attention to the combination of emission (transmission) frequencies.

■ Target model
MBF series