How to Use
How to UseSensor for Iron and Steel Industry

Optical axis adjustment (CMD)

Optical axis adjustment of optical fiber type CMD

(1) Align the each mechanical axis with the sight of the sensor head.

(2) Adjust with the analog voltage value or the level indicator (5 points or 8 points). Firstly, adjust the projector head and fix it at the best position. Next, adjust the receiver head in the same way and fix it. In a normal environment, it will be sufficient to have 5 or 8 level indicators (depending on the model).

If the environment is extremely bad (smoky, water vapor, etc.), attach a slit to the projector / receiver head to make it non-saturated, and adjust the projector / receiver head again. Adjust until the level indicator will light 5 or 8 points.

After the adjustment is completed, remove the slit.