Sensor for Iron & Steel Industry

Hot metal with 360 to 1,200 degrees C

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-> Setting of sensitivity adjustment against temperature of detecting material had not been obvious. However this equipment displays reception level lamps in every twice using linear characteristic relationship between temperature and analog output voltage(8 levels). Operation setting can be made with level display or analog voltage. Also, there are three ranges, L/M/H as detection temperature changeover switch. Any parts such as slits etc. aren't required for 350 to 1,200 degrees C. It is epoch-making HMD that operation point setting is possible with detecting condition before operation.
-> This device doesn't specify power source. It is capable of being used within the scope of 100 to 240VAC.
-> Water-cooling or air-purge isn't required for sensor head because non-air dust purge hood is applied.
-> Warning output is provided.
-> We have wide variety of sensor head. Refer to data sheets of head.




Model No. Amplifier: PRV-10A*1
Sensor head: FHM-201(Basic type),
FHM-203(Narrow directivity type),
FHM-201-8WA (Wide directivity type)
Fiber unit *2: FHV-321(2m), FHV-351(5m), FHV-411(10m)
Detectable objects Heated material with 360 to 1,200 degrees C
Detecting distance 5m(Different depending on the size or temperature of detectable objects against detection range, or fiber length*3)
Power source 100 to 240VAC(+10%, -15%, 50/60Hz)
Control output 1C relay contact(250VAC 3A, COSφ=1),
Warning output Photo-coupler(Max. 120V, 100mA)
Ambient temperature Amplifier:-10 degrees C to +55 degrees C
Sensor head/Fiber unit:-10 degrees C to +200 degrees C
Ambient humidity 45 to 85%RH(Not icing)
*1 PRV-10B with communication function and PRV-10C with detection temperature outside changeover function are also available.
*2 3m, 15m and 20m type are also available.
*3 Ask us in details.

External dimension

External dimension

External dimension

I/O Circuit


Control output(Changeover by inner switch)

Operating mode Light-ON Dark-ON
Pin No. of connector. 5月20日 9-10 10-11 5-6 9-10 10-11
Power-ON state When light-entering ON CLOSE OPEN OFF OPEN CLOSE
When light-interrupting OFF OPEN CLOSE ON CLOSE OPEN

Warning output

Pin No. of connector. 7-8 12-13 13-14
Power-ON state When normal ON CLOSE OPEN
When troubled OFF OPEN CLOSE

Characteristics Data

Steel temperature characteristics

Min. detectable objects and detectable temperature characteristics



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