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Scanning RangefinderSafety Laser Scanner
This product is no longer in production or sales.

World’s smallest Safety Laser Scanner Compact, lightweight and easy to use. From low mounting in AGVs to vertical mounting for access protection, the compact body fits a wide range of applications Conformity Standards IEC61496-1/3 : Type3 IEC61508 : SIL2 ISO13849-1 : PL d Category3



-> Wider protection with small size and reliable detection even for the black objects.
-> Stores 16 detection patterns each having 1 protection and 2 warning zones.
-> Application software features simple GUI, device configuration by monitoring the real time data and the beginner’s mode for step by step configuration.
-> Features muting function to easily configure complex zones for goods transfer at entry and exit points.
-> Features reference monitoring function to detect displacement from the original position and prevents unauthorized access through gaps.


Muting Function/Configuration

Muting Function/Configuration
Easy to configure complex muting zones.

Muting function allows parts of the protection zone to be disabled for transferring goods at entry and exit points. It is possible to configure complex muting zones that are not possible with light curtains.

Reference Feature

Reference Feature
Displacement detection from the original position.

If the reference segments are configured on moveable objects, such as doors, OSSD switches to OFF-state when the position of the object is changed.


Model UAM-02LP-T302
Detection property Protection Range Max. 2m
Warning Range Max. 10m (Non-safety)
Distance tolerance*1 +100mm
Detection capability From Black-Reflector sheet(1.8%) to Retro-Reflector Sheet
Speed 1.6m/s
Detection angle 190°
Min Detectable width φ30mm(Max. Distance : 1.0m)
φ50mm(Max. Distance : 1.5 m)
φ70mm(Max. Distance : 2.0 m)
Scan Frequency 30ms(Rotating at 2,000 rpm)
Area pattern 16 patterns
Response time OFF : 60 to 510ms
ON : 270 to 510ms
Optics Element Pulsed Laser Diode
Wavelength 905nm
Safety class Laser Class 1
Safety type Type 3 (IEC61496-1,IEC61496-3)
Functional SIL 2(Type B,HFT=1) (IEC61508)
PFHd 7.5×10-8(T1=20year)
Housing Size 90mm(W),99.8mm(D),97mm(H)
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
Protection IP65
Material Body : Aluminum / Optical Window : Polycarbonate
Cable Flying lead cable and water proof connector / Cable300mm /M16-19p
Power supply DC 24 V ±10% : Power supply from converter
DC 24 V -30%/+20% : Power supply from battery
Cable length Length 20m AWG 22, 26, 28
Power consumption Normal(without load) 11W
Max.(without load) 19W
Max.(with load) 58W
Output types OSSD1/2(Safety related) Output type (High side SW)
Output current (Max : 500 mA)
Leak current(Max : 1 mA)
Wire(Length : 20 m AWG 26)
Load(L/R=25ms C=1μF)
WARNING1(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
WARNING2 / ERR / MUT_OUT(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
READY or RES_REQ(Non-safety) Output types (PNP Transistor output)
Output current(Max : 100 mA)
Leak current (Max : 1 mA)
Wire (Length : 20 m AWG 28)
Input Numbers of inputs 16 patterns switching (4 inputs×2 channels)
Input Impedance 4.7KΩ
Cable Length 20 m AWG 28
Interface Configuration USB2.0 (USB mini B type connector )
Environmental resistance Temperature -10 to +55degress C
Storage Temperature -25 to +70degress C
Humidity 95% RH
Storage Humidity No freezing and condensation
Surrounding Illumination*2 Less than 3000 lx
Vibration Frequency range : 10~55 Hz Sweep rate : 1octave/min
Amplitude : 0.35 mm ±0.05 mm
Shock resistance Acceleration : 98m/S2(10G) Pulse duration : 16 ms
*1. Additional distance of 200mm is needed when the UAM is working under high reflective background.
*2 When the light sources located at ?5°from the detection plane of UAM.

External dimension



L-shape mounting bracket

L-shape mounting bracket

Vertical mounting bracket

Vertical mounting bracket

I/O Circuit

OSSD output circuit

OSSD output circuit
OSSD outputs are source output type.

Other Output circuit

Other Output circuit
WARNING1,WARNING2,READY outputs are PNP type.

Input circuit

Input circuit
Applicable for area inputs (IN_A~IN_D and IN_A(_)~IN_D(_)) , EDM,RESET,MUTING1,MUTING2 and OVERRIDE.


Colour Signal Function Description AWG
Brown +24V DC Power Power : DC 24V 22
Blue 0V DC Power Power : 0V 22
Red OSSD1 1 Output Protection zone output 1 26
Yellow OSSD 2 Output Protection zone output 2 26
Purple IN_A Input Area Switching Input A 28
Gray IN_B Input Area Switching Input B 28
White IN_C Input Area Switching Input C 28
Pink IN_D/ Input Area Switching Input D/ 28
MUTING1 Muting input1
Purple/Black IN_¬A Input Area Switching Input ¬A 28
Gray/Black IN_¬B Input Area Switching Input ¬B 28
White/Black IN_¬C Input Area Switching Input ¬C 28
Pink/Black IN_¬D/ Input Area Switching Input ¬D/ 28
MUTING2 Muting input 2
Green EDM Input External device monitoring 28
Red/Black WARNING1 Output Warning zone Output 1 28
Yellow/Black WARNING2/ Output WARNING2 : Warning zone output 2 28
ERR/ ERR : OFF When diagnostic error detected
MUT_OUT MUT_OUT : Muting state output
Orange READY/ Output READY : ON during Normal operation 28
RES_REQ RES_REQ : ON When external reset is needed
Green/Black RESET Input Reset input 28
Orange/Black OVERRIDE Input Override input 28
Shield wire FG Frame ground