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Scanning RangefinderArea Configuration /Distance Data Output

Outdoor LiDAR for environmental recognition(SLAM) and obstacle detection.
Area setting type or data output type can be switched by mode.
Multi-echo function is effective for outdoor use.



->The smallest and the lightest of its kind, 130g
->Mid-detection range 30m, Wide detection angle 270°, Fast response 25msec, High angular resolution 0.125°
->Area setting type and data output type can be switched

Top model in UST series / Smart-URG Pro

Top model in UST series / Smart-URG Pro
The distance and environmental performance have been further improved.
Compact and light weight.
It can be used for outdoor environment recognition or obstacle detection.

Very small and Wide range(30m)

Very small and Wide range(30m)
Same size as other UST series and it is possible to detect 30 meter away.

Anti-ambient light (100,000lx)

Anti-ambient light (100,000lx)
*Please avoid the direct sunlight


*This image is just for reference

Multi-echo function (Special for Outdoor)

Multi-echo function (Special for Outdoor)
Multi-echo(LX mode):
You can receive multiple echoes such as rain or fog in one direction and select the distance data from each.

Filter function(LA mode):
If there is no continuous object in the same place (STEP) with the rain filter,it will be removed.

Interference prevention

Interference prevention
Synchronous operation or interference mitigation mode are effective
to prevent multi interference between sensors.

Mode switching

Mode switching
Area setting type(LA mode) and data output type(LX mode) can be switched.
Environmental recognizion and obstacle detection are possible only with this one.


Model No. Part No. Output


Model UST-30LC(PNP) / UST-30LCN(NPN)
Supply voltage DC12V/DC24V (operation range 10 to 30V, ripple within 10%)
Supply current*1 150mA or less (when using DC 24V) (during start up 450mA is necessary.)
Light source Laser semiconductor (905nm), Laser class 1(IEC60825-1:2014)
Detection range and object 0.05m to 30m*2 (white Kent sheet)
0.05m to 12m*2 (diffuse reflectance 10%)
Max.detection distance: 60m
Min.detection size: 90mm(10m), 180mm(20m), 260mm(30m)
Accuracy ±40mm*2
Standard deviation σ<20mm*2
Scan angle 270°
Scan speed*3 25msec (motor speed 2400rpm)
Angular resolution 0.125°
Start up time Within 10 sec (start up time differs if malfunction is detected during start up)
Outputs Photo-coupler, open collector output Max DC 30V 50mA
Output 1: Output 1 OFF during object detection
Output 2: Output 2 OFF during object detection
Output 3: Output 3 OFF during object detection
Malfunction output: ON during normal operation, OFF during malfunction
Synchronous output: Synchronization signal during Master/Slave operation
Note: Output 1 to 3 are switched OFF during malfunction state
Inputs Photo-coupler, common cathode, power supply is 4mA when input is ON
Input 1 to 5: Area switching inputs
Output response time*4 OFF : 66msec to 3241msec
ON : 66msec to 3241msec
Interface Ethernet 100BASE-TX
LED display LX mode
Power supply LED display(blue): Blinks during start up and malfunction state

LA mode
Blue LED:ON during normal operation, blink during the start up, configuration and malfunction state
Orange LED 1: Output 1 ON during object detection
Orange LED 2: Output 2 ON during object detection
Orange LED 3: Output 3 ON during object detection
Synchronization function*5 Synchronization Master/Slave operation mode (can set by using Area Designer)
Synchronization slave mode (0°)
Synchronization slave mode (90°)
Synchronization slave mode (180°)
Synchronization slave mode (270°)
Surrounding intensity Less than 100,000lx*6
Note : Avoid direct sunlight or other illumination sources as it may cause sensor malfunction
Ambient temperature humidity -30℃ to +50℃, below 85%RH (without dew, frost)
Storage temperature humidity -30℃ to +70℃, below 85%RH (without dew, frost)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz double amplitude of 1.5mm for 2hrs in each X, Y, and Z direction
55 to 200Hz 98m / s2 sweep of 2min for 1hr in each X,Y and Z direction
Shock resistance 196m/s2 (20G) X,Y and Z direction each 10 times
Insulation resistance 10MΩ,DC 500V
Protective structure IP677*
EMC standards (EMI)
EN55011:2009 + A1:2010
EN61000-4-3:2006 + A1:2008 + A2:2010
Weight 130g(excluding cable)
Material Front case: Polycarbonate, Rear case: Aluminum
Dimensions (W×D×H) 50×50×70mm(sensor only)
*1 Please use a power supply with enough current capacity.
*2 Under the factory standard testing conditions using white kent sheet. In the low temperature environment of -11℃ or below, the detection distance will be as below.
White kent sheet: 0.05m to 25m, diffuse reflectance 10%: 0.05m to 8m
*3 In the case of using other command than MD,MS and ME. There is possibility of delay in response speed, due to surrounding environment.
*4 Initial setting is 66msec. ON/OFF delay function switching is possible by Area Designer. Response time can be further delayed by a maximum of 1 scan during the area switching.
*5 Initial setting is synchronization master. When using synchronization operation, refer to section 9 for details about synchronization wiring. Synchronization slave setting is possible using Area Designer.
*6 Detection cannot be guaranteed when there is direct sunlight or other strong disturbance light. Please be careful not to let the sun go in.
*7 The protective structure of Ethernet and Power connector is not IP67.

External dimension

External Dimension

External Dimension

I/O Circuit

UST-30LC (PNP type) Input/Output ircuit

UST-30LC (PNP type) Input/Output ircuit
PNP type The case is FG. Please ground to the housing.
Keep the input wires open or connect to output COM Input- if not in use.
Keep the output wires open or connect to output COM Output+ if not in use.

UST-30LC (PNP type) The example of Synchronous wiring

UST-30LC (PNP type) The example of Synchronous wiring
This function is available in LA mode 2.

UST-30LCN (NPN type) Input/Output circuit

UST-30LCN (NPN type) Input/Output circuit
NPN type The case is FG. Please ground to the housing.
Keep the input wires open or connect to output COM Input- if not in use.
Keep the output wires open or connect to output COM Output+ if not in use.

UST-30LCN(NPN type) The example of Synchronous wiring

UST-30LCN(NPN type) The example of Synchronous wiring
This function is available in LA mode 2.

Power source, I/O cable

Power source, I/O cable
Connector: DF62B-24EP-2.2C(00) Hirose
Cable length: 1000mm
Core wire 28AWG, core wire coating outer diameter approx. 0.58 mm, cable finished outer diameter approx.φ5.2 mm
The input and output directions are based on this product.
Number Color Signal
1 Orange(Red short point 1) +VIN(DC12V/DC24V)
2 Orange(Black short point 1) -VIN
3 Gray(Red short point 1) Output 1
4 Gray(Black short point 1) Output 2
5 White(Red short point 1) Output 3
6 White(Black short point 1) Malfunction output
7 Yellow(Red short point 1) Synchronous output
8 Yellow(Black short point1) COM Input -
9 Pink(Red short point 1) COM Output +
10 Pink(Black short point 1) Input 1
11 Orange(Red short point 2) Input 2
12 Orange(Black short point2) Input 3
13 Gray(Red short point 2) Input 4
14 Gray(Black short point 2) Input 5 / Synchronous input
15 NC NC
16 NC NC
17 NC NC
18 NC NC
19 NC NC
20 NC NC
21 NC NC
22 NC NC
23 NC NC
24 NC NC

Ethernet cable Cable length: 300mm
Color Signal
White(Orange) TX+
Orange TX-
White(Green) RX+
Green RX-


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IP_Discovery_2.1(rev.84) IP address changing tool


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