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-> Supply voltage 12V
-> Measurement distance 30m
-> Field of view 270°
-> Interface Ethernet
-> Multi-echo
-> Protective structure IP67


Environment recognition for service robots

Behavior tracking for marketing research

With customer's self-developed algorithm, it is possible to track people's path and actions within a specified range.



Model UTM-30LX-EW
Light Source Laser Semiconductor λ = 905nm Laser Class 1
Power Source 12VDC ± 10%
Supply Current MAX : 1A, Normal : 0.7A
Power Consumption Less than 8W
Detection Range and Detection Object Guaranteed Range: 0.1 to 30m(White Kent Sheet)*2
Maximum Range: 0.1 to 60m
Minimum detectable width at 10m: 130mm(Vary with distance)
Accuracy 0.1 to 10m : ±30mm,10 to 30m : ±50mm(White Kent Sheet)*2
Under 3000lx : White Kent Sheet : ±30mm*1(0.1 to 10m)
Under 100000lx : White Kent Sheet : ±50mm*1(0.1 to 10m)
Measurement Resolution and Repeated Accuracy 1mm
0.1 to 10m : σ<10mm,10 to 30m : σ<30mm(White Kent Sheet)*2
Under 3000lx : σ=10mm*1(White Kent Sheet up to 10m)
Under 100000lx : σ=30*1(White Kent Sheet up to 10m)
Scan Angle 270°
Angular Resolution 0.25°(360°/1440)
Scan Speed 25ms(Motor speed : 2400rpm)
Interface Ethernet 100BASE-TX(Auto-negotiation)
Output Synchronous Output 1-Point
LED Display Green : Power supply.
Red : Normal Operation(Continuous),Malfunction(Blink)
Ambient Temperature -10 to +50 degrees C
Ambient Humidity Less than 85%RH(Without Dew,Frost)
Storage Temperature -25 to +75 degrees C
Environmental Influence Measured distance will be shorter than the actual distance under rain, snow and direct sunlight*2.
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55Hz Double amplitude 1.5mm in each X, Y, Z axis for 2hrs.
55 to 200Hz 98m/s2 sweep of 2min in each X, Y, Z axis for 1hrs.
Impact Resistance 196m/s2 In each X, Y, Z axis 10 times.
Protective Structure Optics: IP67(Except Ethernet connector)
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ DC500V Megger
Weight 210g (Without cable)
Case Polycarbonate
External Dimension
*1 Under Standard Test Condition (Accuracy can not be guaranteed under direct sunlight.)
*2 Indoor environment with less than 1000lx.
    Please perform necessary tests with the actual device in the working environment.
    Use data filtering techniques to reduce the effect of water droplets when detecting objects under the rain.

External dimension

External dimension

I/O Circuit

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